Ever have a day when you feel like everything you’re doing is a distraction?

And suddenly you add up all your days and realize you haven’t even TOUCHED the most important parts of your life for weeks? Like the ones that bring you money, joy, connection?

I had made a commitment to myself (and my online marketing provider) that I would write one blog a week back in June. That lasted about three weeks – and I haven’t written another until now. Blogging is just a small part of what I do, but I love it, and it helps me connect with my friends, family and clients. So why have I put it off for so long?

I got distracted.

Distracted by life stuff.
Distracted by job opportunities.
Distracted by sunshine.
Distracted by procrastination tendencies.
Distracted by my phone.

I have a classic case of Shiny Object Syndrome.

As someone who aspires to live fully in choice, it pains me to see how easily I can fall into habits that don’t serve me. I’ve been bobbing like a cork in the ocean, rather than steering the boat.

I often don’t realize how far I’ve gone into the abyss until I feel bereft, lost, stuck, lonely, overwhelmed. I start to flail at life – wishing things were different, hopping into a shame spiral about how pathetic I am, feeling a victim to all the distractions (many of which I chose). Basically being stuck in the muck and digging in for the long haul.

But there’s hope!

Like shining a light into a dark corner, I can see how I’ve gotten to where I am. Distractions exist in the world. Many of them are valid. And the beauty of it is I have the tools to flip the script.

Distracted by life stuff = Look at all the awesome stuff I’ve got going on! Which parts are bringing me joy? And which are depleting me? Am I creating the experience I want right now? What can I change?

Distracted by job opportunities = the Universe provides!

Distracted by sunshine = Wow – what an amazing day! I never regret a day spent in the sun.

Distracted by procrastination tendencies = Procrastination is a stress management technique. What is one small action I can do that will get me closer to my goal?

Distracted by my phone = the world is at my fingertips. Which includes a timer, a time scheduler, reminders, to do lists, and any other number of tools to get me back on track. I can choose to use it for good.

The key to getting back on track is to do just that. Get back on track. Shake it off. Step into the arena. And write.

Unstuck Duck


Teri Kerr

Teri is a Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University, and a graduate of the Purpose Project™. She lives in Victoria BC with her husband Jeff, a revolving door of teenagers, her awesome golden mountain dog Indy, and a one-eyed cat named Tallie.

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